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Streaker’s Eddy Cavanagh.



« …Then came the first real pitch invader to make the worlds press. Step forward into Everton folklore (or run would better describe it) a great Evertonian Eddie Cavanagh. The late Kenneth Wolsenholme of the famed commentary. Some people are on the pitch ! They think its all over, it is now, (in the World cup final later this year) was the commentator of the final as always. Ken followed Eddies full run of the pitch like he was running a commentary on the egg shaped ball game as Eddie danced around every tackle the stewards and police made at him. At one point a policeman grabbed Eddies coat only to be left with it in hands after peeling off Eddie’s back in Buster Keaton like film. Wolsenholme boomed ! And a great tackle, almost on the line. Like if the policeman really had stopped Eddie from making the rugby grand slam.

Brian Labone ran over to the over enthusiastic police and told them to go easy on Eddie. Brian had played football with Eddie. Even Westy went over shouted at the police to not be too hard on the man. I knew Eddie briefly from our Blue Streak days as a steward on the train. Eddie was such a staunch Blue that he would not have even tomato sauce in his house. When Eddie died it saw one of the biggest funerals on Merseyside… »


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